Apples TV Won’t Be A TV

The bottom line is that, no, Apple will never ship a dumb TV. They’ll ship a very powerful, internet appliance computer and call it a TV.

More to the point, all the content consumption and communication features available on smaller Apple devices will be available on the iTV — iCloud, FaceTime, etc. And the iTV will do things smaller devices can’t do — distance user interfaces, console-quality video gaming, etc. And they’ll probably always have an Apple TV box that brings most of the functionality of their iTV to any TV.

In other words, the iTV will be just another beautiful, powerful, elegant Apple computer, and we’re all going to want one.

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Why Is Reading a Virtue But Watching TV Shows is “Lazy?”

Thought Catalog

I grew up in a fairly non-traditional family when it comes to media consumption. For example, my parents did not go to great lengths to censor what I read or watched. I have memories of my mom explaining what LSD was to me when we watched Hair and answering “Mom, what does ‘horny’ mean?” after I had watched Austin Powers. “It means you feel like having sex,” she said. To her, books and movies were important stories that, if I can speculate, helped her explain the world to me. And she knew the world was both weird and inevitable and that stories help you understand the weird stuff sooner, rather than later.

We loved reading, as a family. For example, if I go to the Barnes and Noble in Roseville, Minnesota, there is a significant likelihood that I will run into one of my family members. That was where…

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12 Obnoxiously Awful Social Norms

Thought Catalog

1. Not planning anything, ever. Only agreeing to partake in festivities that are happening in the very near future or that exact moment is common procedure these days. While spontaneity is a thing of beauty,  penciling in premeditated hang-outs occasionally won’t kill you.

2. Bashing any type of faith. The casualness with which people are willing to mock or criticize those who believe in God baffles me. We’re all entitled to put out trust in a higher power, science or whatever we choose to believe, but judging and mocking the beliefs of others is offensive and shouldn’t be nearly as common as it is.

3. Pants. I hate ‘em, and I know a lot of you do too. Really dress codes in general are wearing on my patience, but indecent exposure fines would empty the pockets that I wouldn’t have on my pant-less bottom.

4. Grown adults with poor hygiene.

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to tumbl or not to tumbl

Is it wrong to delete a social network account simply because you don’t like that class of people on said social network? If so, I’m wrong and loving it.


I deleted my Tumblr in the first week of June. There were a lot of reasons (and it was actually well thought-out on my part) however, one of the biggest reasons was the fact that I don’t like what it had become.

For the past year, Tumblr has become more of a place to rip on other bloggers, actors, musicians, etc. and less of a place to create and share creations. You had to have chosen a side in the Benderbatch Cumbernict vs. Tom Hiddleston fandoms, and it was becoming “old fashioned” to just like something; your life had to be dedicated to it.

My previous blog had been running for about two and a half years prior to this influx of new ideals in the tumblrverse and I had never had to worry about culture. Each shift was easy to follow as it was being done by everyone, and everyone had a lot in common.

Next thing I know, there’s a mass exodus from Facebook and everyone made a tumblog. Translation: all of the crap on Facebook came to my precious internet secret.


I like feeling like part of a secret club. I couldn’t feel like that anymore with Tumblr, so I got rid of it.

I like following the world’s creators. That’s nearly impossible on Tumblr lately.

I like liking things. You’re classified as a “hobbyist” on Tumblr.

I like to use Tumblr. But my Tumblr is no longer Tumblr as a whole.


I’m sorry to everyone who doesn’t care about my Tumblr problems. They just make me really, really sad.