to tumbl or not to tumbl

Is it wrong to delete a social network account simply because you don’t like that class of people on said social network? If so, I’m wrong and loving it.


I deleted my Tumblr in the first week of June. There were a lot of reasons (and it was actually well thought-out on my part) however, one of the biggest reasons was the fact that I don’t like what it had become.

For the past year, Tumblr has become more of a place to rip on other bloggers, actors, musicians, etc. and less of a place to create and share creations. You had to have chosen a side in the Benderbatch Cumbernict vs. Tom Hiddleston fandoms, and it was becoming “old fashioned” to just like something; your life had to be dedicated to it.

My previous blog had been running for about two and a half years prior to this influx of new ideals in the tumblrverse and I had never had to worry about culture. Each shift was easy to follow as it was being done by everyone, and everyone had a lot in common.

Next thing I know, there’s a mass exodus from Facebook and everyone made a tumblog. Translation: all of the crap on Facebook came to my precious internet secret.


I like feeling like part of a secret club. I couldn’t feel like that anymore with Tumblr, so I got rid of it.

I like following the world’s creators. That’s nearly impossible on Tumblr lately.

I like liking things. You’re classified as a “hobbyist” on Tumblr.

I like to use Tumblr. But my Tumblr is no longer Tumblr as a whole.


I’m sorry to everyone who doesn’t care about my Tumblr problems. They just make me really, really sad.


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