If We Want #JusticeForTrayvon, We Need To Stand Up To The System

“There is always something else to turn to. The process of enacting change or failing to change is a hole to be filled with something else to ‘break’ or analyze.”

Thought Catalog

I keep waiting for the anger to kick in. But I don’t have enough hope or surprise left to be angry. I’m just depressed.

For the record, for those out there saying Trayvon Martin’s death is (only) as tragic as any other child’s death, and that George Zimmerman’s trial was about George Zimmerman, not the safety of children of color, racism, etc., I do not grieve for Trayvon Martin any more than for any other unacquainted child’s death. That is, I grieve a little, because no parent should have to lose her child, but I grieve only a little, because I do not know Trayvon Martin or his family, and this is how we get on as human beings. For the record, what people are grieving for when they do…

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