brain vomit

This verdict bothers me. Not in the “#nojusticefortrayvonmartin” kind of way. In the “I don’t know how I feel about this” way. And I very consistently know how I feel in regards to verdicts.


  • Trayvon Martin is dead
  • George Zimmerman killed him

To me, nothing else matters. The fact that there may or may not have been racial prejudices in place and/or a dangerous teen running around a neighborhood should have nothing to do with this case. A teenage boy is dead because a bullet was placed directly into his heart; not in his legs, arms, hands, or feet (all places to aim when shooting a gun in defense).

Trayvon had no say in any part of this trial, which really complicates things. If he had survived, this case would have by no means blown up to this size but I’m not going to be so prideful as to say that I know how it would have turned out. Too many options were taken into consideration. However, as a result of his death, the aforementioned “#nojusticefortrayvonmartin” movement has become a cultural thing.

Blacks have taken it as a hate crime, democrats have started using it to benefit gun control, conservative whites are screaming “self defense”; everyone has some kind of opinion formed in their head.

But it all comes back to one verifiable truth: George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. Last time I checked if you kill someone, you get convicted of manslaughter at the very least; Mr. Zimmerman did not.


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