President Obama vetos Apple iPhone 4, 3G iPad 2 product ban

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United States President Barack Obama and his administration have issued a veto on a potential ban for iPhone 4 and 3G-capable iPad 2 models in the United States. The news comes by way of a notice from the U.S. Government. The official ruling comes from Michael Froman, a trade representative for the United States:

In addition, on January 8, 2013, the Department of Justice and United States Patent and Trademark Office issued an important Policy Statement entitled “Policy Statement on Remedies for Standard-Essential Patents Subject to Voluntary FRAND Commitments” (“Policy Statement”).2 The Policy Statement makes clear that standards, and particularly voluntary consensus standards set by standards developing organizations (“SDO”), have incorporated important technical advances that are fundamental to the interoperability of many of the products on which consumers have come to rely, including the types of devices that are the subject of the Commission’s determination. The Policy Statement expresses substantial…

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I Wish I Had Been Popular


“Just think about how amazing it must be to have everyone like you, want to be friends with you, or at least pretend to like you? Imagine people wanting to talk to you for another reason other than to ask you what the answer on a homework question is. Imagine liking someone and not having to think “I’m not popular enough for them to go out with me.” Imagine being powerful and important; having your word be an unshakeable decree which no plebeian in the school can defy.”

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

Imagine being popular.

I never had this honor. I discussed not having been popular with a friend recently.

“You ever feel sad that you never scored any touchdowns or got a date with the prom queen or anything like that?” I asked.

“No. Because I accomplished real things that mattered since then,” he said. He has a job at a finance firm that he’s proud of. “As have you,” he added.

I laughed. What benefits have my Internet articles conferred on me? A handful of twitter followers and a great way for girls I meet on OKCupid to stalk me before we meet in real life?

Popular people have written internet articles. Popular people have gotten jobs at finance firms and done many other wondrous and not-so-wondrous things.

I didn’t tell my friend these things though. I also didn’t tell him why I asked him about it in the first…

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The New York Times Company Sells The Boston Globe (And Related Properties) For $70M

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The New York Times is selling the Boston Globe and the rest of its New England Media Group to John Henry, the billionaire who’s principal owner of the Boston Red Sox, for $70 million in cash.

The news has prompted some rather depressing comments about the Globe’s relative worth. For example, Ken Doctor at the Nieman Journalism Lab noted that the price is $12 million less than the five-year contract that Red Sox pitcher John Lackey signed in 2009. But harshest comparison may with the Globe of 20 years ago, which The Times acquired for $1.1 billion.

Along with the Globe newspaper, the sale includes the website,, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette,, and the globe’s direct mail marketing company Globe Direct.

In its most recent earnings report, The Times said its New England Media Group’s revenue was down 7.4 percent year-over-year, with a 2.3 percent drop…

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Animated GIFs Are Even More Awesome On A Vintage Apple II+!

Wow. Animated GIFs are everywhere now… even on a vintage Apple II Plus!
Nathan Griffith put together an awesome bit of code that makes it possible to display animated GIFs on an Apple II+ with only 64K of RAM.
How does it work? Essentially, a Python script converts an animated GIF to a maximum resolution of 280 x 192, reduces its colors to a pallette of 4, and then outputs them to a floppy disk in a format an old Apple II+ can read.

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Nicolas Cage: ‘People think I’m not in on the joke’

To start with, the thing most often said of Nicolas Cage: he is weird-looking, with constituent parts that don’t promise to add up to a movie star. His hair, like cultivated grassland, is lush at the top and sparse at the root. There is something puppety about his face. And, of course, there are his eyes, which, like the Woody Allen joke – “You have the most eyes I’ve ever seen on any person” – qualify him to play both romantic leads and psychopaths. At 49, Cage overturns every industry standard, and there’s no denying it: the result is transfixing. “Have a blueberry muffin,” he says in that agonised drawl, and flashes a goofy grin.

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